Workin' For The Man Upstairs - Bible Study on DVD with Discussion Guide


Your Job ... Your Calling ... Your Life!

Is it work you're looking for or a chance to serve God? Can they be one and the same? Join us as we consider Working for the Man Upstairs, the newest Bible study. See how our jobs-no matter what they might be-are a conduit through which God's work is done in this world.

Growing up and getting a job are supposedly marks of adulthood. Sometimes the work we get when we grow up, however, leaves us wondering if there's not something more-something we still have yet to find. In Working For The Man Upstairs, a three-part study hosted by Pastor Tim Radkey, we see that sometimes it's a matter of perspective. Sometimes it's how we view the work we do.

Includes DVD and Discussion Guide.  Additional copies of the Discussion Guide can be printed (file included on DVD) or purchased.

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